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Evangelism in Aiud

The first month of 2015 found us healthy and full of desire to continue evangelizing the prison inmates from Aiud. We formed a team of 5 people with Pastor Nicu Cristea and we went first thing in the morning. The Lord has helped us to get together again with our old friends. This time 13 of them came to the meeting and I had the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus in song and Scripture word.

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Visiting Aiud Prison

In June 21, Rescue Humanitarian Foundation together with  a group of three volunteers from the Baptist Church Nr. 1 Mănăştur, Cluj Napoca organized a meeting with youths from Aiud Prison.

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Christian music concert in Aiud Prison

On May 30, Rescue Humanitarian Foundation has organized in Aiud Prison a Christian music concert that had as guest brother Ovidiu Litean.

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A meeting about " restoring relationship with God" in Penitentiary Aiud

Tuesday, May 20 , five young volunteers from ELIM Pentecostal Church , Cluj- Napoca, together with our pastor Nicu Cristea, visited Aiud Penitentiary , where they met 18 young detainees.

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Visit in Focsani Prison

I want to thank the good Lord for grace unbounded, Rescue Foundation for the support given us, and for the opportunity to evangelize the 38 souls closed in Focsani Penitentiary, on April 25, 2014.

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Easter celebration in Arad Prison woman section

On April 17th  2014, with a team of 4 youth: Alina C. , C. Serge, Larisa S. and S. Anamaria  from Pentecostal Church " Bethel " Arad visited woman Arad Penitentiary. The program was attended by 28 woman

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Easter celebration together with mens from Arad Prison

On April 18, 2014 Rescue Humanitarian Foundation with 8 volunteers from Bethel Pentecostal Church, Arad organized a special program on the Easter occasion in Arad Maximum Security Penitentiary. The event was attended by 37 inmates.

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Welcoming the Easter celebration in Vaslui Penitentiary

On April 12, a group of five brothers from  Baptist Church "Emmanuel " Barlad made ​​a visit  in Vaslui Penitentiary . There they served the Lord and the program was specific with close celebration of Resurrection. There were shared thoughts by brothers Carp Viorel and Neamţu Dumitru , thoughts that came from their experience before meeting Jesus. 

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Another meeting, for God's sake !

On April 11, 2014 along with Cami Petrule, Estera Pop, Maria Dregan , Lucian Vonica and Adi Faur from Elim Church Cluj have had the grace to talk about the Lord to a group of 36 inmates of the Maximum Security Prison Aiud.

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  • Love in Christ

    My dear brothers and sisters, Grace and peace from our Heavenly Father to the whole church. We thank God that He answered our wish and prayer, and our meeting was possible. God knows we need messengers like you, that are willing to share His great and unfailing love.
  • I want the Bible to be the compass of my heart

    I will start by writing this testimony, that on this side of the correspondence there is a man who has done wrong by earthly laws, a man who is paying with 9 years of his freedom, a man who is accused of sinning greatly, a man (if he can still be called that) who is still asking in all humility for forgiveness and salvation, a man who is seeking peace with God.
  • I know the Word of God but I wish I know it better, to think about it and receive it in my soul

    Every time the danish group visit us I feel a great joy. I would like to correspond with some of you and discuss about life, destiny and of course about our faith in Jesus Christ. I am 31 years old, and when I was 16, my life took on a wrong way.
  • What? Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?

    Thank you for sustaining and for encouraging me through the biblical courses you had . Not so long time ago I was interned in Colibasi Penitentiary, but I've never doubted the Word of God, because I knew that God was all the time with me, and when I prayed I gave him thanks for everything.
  • My sinful soul rejoice when it got to know God

    I met you, in a place called “hell” and my sinful soul rejoiced when it got to know God and hear of His Love for humans, and of His great sacrifice -the only beloved Son. If God made this sacrifice for all people, my answer is that I want to be like you, not to be ashamed of myself, to become a child of God, to return Home to my Father, and to do what He wanted me to do.
  • He made from me a new man

    Blessed be our Good God because He takes care of the siners like me, who searches Him and finds Him.The biblic course that I made by correspondence with you made me very interested in the Word of God and it made from me, what I didn't expect to do, he made from me a “new man”.